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Want to improve something?

I look forward to helping you with your health.


The distinctions I help you observe in your body come from my training in

Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Personal Training and Remedial Massage

I integrate all of my experience into the kinesiology when I  practice, where I help to integrate the energetic and more subtle energy at work and the physical to enable your body to reach its full potential.

The change that I am privileged to see my patients achieve on a regular basis astounds me of the link between the physical and the energetic energies of the body, often something that you are most often unaware of from your past is affecting you in your daily activity.

Why get regular treatment?

My simple answer boils down to this, …you only get one body in this lifetime … keep it healthy!



Do yourself a favor…

Get treatment before you need it, because by the time you think that you need it, often it’s generally too late.

Unfortunately in this day and age many of us push our bodies way too far and think that we can do more than we were built for, this is why modern medicine has become so useful, things like $22,000-25,000 hip replacements are becoming way too common place, shoulder repairs at $7,000+ and 3 months rehabilitation before gaining something resembling normal use, are far too commonplace.

…that injury you got while running for the bus that has been niggling you may not hurt anymore…

but when will you know when you’re one straw away from “the straw that broke the camel’s back”

Injuries snowball… they build up slowly and add up quietly until …that …moment …when your body says enough is enough!

taking action …to helping you help your body to better health!  Stop neglecting the messages your body and mind are sending you about what you should be doing.

Start getting better health and take the time to listen to your body now!

If you would like treatment

Book in for your first session and find out what you have been missing.

Andrew Choy, Kinesiologist


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