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kinesiology options

How does it work?
By using muscle feedback, a Kinesiologist will ask your body what the underlying stress or issue is that is blocking your progress.

Similar to a binary code in a computer, a kinesiologist will use your muscles to tap into your brain and uncover what is going on beneath even what you may be consciously aware of.

What is kinesiology?
Kinesiology is a natural therapy that uses a process called muscle monitoring to ask the body what it needs to heal.

How does a kinesiologist do that?
A kinesiologist will place your muscles into a range of positions and ask you to hold your muscle in that position while they place a light pressure on the muscle feeling the response of the body in relation to the pressure.

The light pressure used is not a strength test, it is only a way of gaining feedback from the body as to what is going on within the body.  Hence a muscle unable to hold pressure or an imbalance is just as useful for the Kinesiologist as no muscle imbalance, as the response of the muscles are used to direct the treatment, allowing the Kinesiologist to understand what is going on within the body.

What are my options for treatment?

Minimum bookings are for 2 hours

How often should I see a Kinesiologist?

The easiest way to explain it is to go through the numbers with you…

My clearest example most people are familiar with is regarding regular servicing for your car, usually every 3-6 months you are recommended to get your car serviced (oil and filter change etc…) if you do the sums for most people this equates to about 1-2 hours of driving every day (1 hour to work, 1 hour  home from work on average maybe more, maybe less) over 3 months this equates to 168 hours, over 6 months 336 hours.

What’s this got to do with my body? …Well if you take the same example, your body is the most complex machine you will ever get  and what’s more, you didn’t even have to pay for it yourself… your parents gave it to you for free… anyway, we use our body 24 hours 7 days a week, it doesn’t get to rest like our cars, so 24 hours it’s running, 7 days a week it’s still keeping on, if look at all those hours you’re clocking up, it only takes you 1 week to get to the equivalent running time of 168 hours (the same time for recommended maintenance for your car) even if you say …”I’m not all that active” then maybe you’ll wait till the 6 month interval of 336 hours that’s a fortnight of running your body 24 hours 7 days a week. No rest.

This is one of the reasons why regular treatment is so beneficial for your body especially when you have been injured or if you have been doing a lot of physical activity in your work or if your hobbies are rigorous or strenuous.

Therefore in the ideal situation, you’d be able to come weekly for a regular “oil and filter change”

Since every person is different from the next there is no set rule for this. Treatments for one person for a similar issue may relate to very different issue for another person, although the presenting symptoms may be identical.

Also as one person may be able to integrate a learning in one session, another person may not wish to deal head on with an issue that is currently in their life and so may take several sessions to find a way to integrate a learning into their life.

The plan of treatment and session frequency will be discussed with you in your initial consultation.  Be aware there is no right or wrong way to structure your kinesiology sessions.

It is however a good idea to see a Kinesiologist to maintain a forward momentum in your health and wellbeing routine.

How does your body heal itself, you may ask…One of the main premises of Kinesiology is that the body has an innate ability to heal itself, the thing that is stopping us from being in full health …is us (and the stress we are carrying around in our bodies).

If all the cells in your body get replaced every 3 to 7 years why then do we have disease and chronic illness? There is stress stopping us from changing the patterns of the dis-ease or illness and therefore re-creating it, what if we could find out what that stress was and get rid of it so the body could heal itself. Well that’s where kinesiology comes in. By literally asking your body what it needs to heal and where the stress is in your body we can help you to de-stress your illness or dis-ease.

When you come to see me for a kinesiology session in Sydney I take a holistic approach to your health and well being. All the work that I do helps to free up your body’s natural response to illness and disease and helps your body to deal with whatever aliments are causing you distress or pain, by using Kinesiology  I tailor my approach to you! …all my clients leave feeling more balanced and energised.

When you book with me, you can be confident and know you are in good hands, it comes down to the quality that shows though in my approach, attitude and knowledge. The way I work, every helpful detail adds to the experience making sure you are feeling relaxed and more at peace than before you arrived.