kinesiology health and wellness explained Sydney


Structural Therapies

Deep Tissue Massage

The muscles in your body have several layers each performing different functions and operations sometimes complementary and other-times not. Deep Tissue Massage will be of use if the deep muscle layers are causing you pain or discomfort, my specific training and knowledge in western anatomy and physiology allows me to target deep muscles for more effective treatment.

Dry Needling / Trigger Point Dry Needling

A trigger point is a tight band of muscle fiber which can be painful with or without movement, they are commonly referred to as a ‘knots’ or a sometimes a ‘corked’ muscle.  These tight bands are often painful to the touch or if they are really bad can be painful even without being touched.

Trigger Point Dry Needling helps to relax these tight muscle bands by signaling the brain and muscle control systems to reset and relax the muscle fibers.

By using a fine filament needle (or acupuncture needle) to move the muscle fibers and to stimulate the muscle control centre, the brain can reset the muscular program to enable the body to reset the muscle to its normal length and to allow blood to get into the tight muscle bands and change the trigger point.

If you have been putting a lot of strain on your muscles and this sounds like something you would like to try as part of your next treatment session to aid your recovery.

Trigger Point Dry Needling for Chronic Pain fully qualified practitioner.

Movement Therapy / Training

Previously accredited with Fitness Australia I have experience with a broad spectrum of the population, whether your goal is to be able to get pain-free range of motion, or to build up strength in some muscles so that when you walk your muscles are balanced… I specialise in rehabilitation, and functional movement programs.

Muscle Therapy

Muscle therapy has many techniques available to help the muscles achieve a homeostatic state. The therapy can be passive for the client or active for the client depending on the aims that the client wishes to achieve, a thorough case history will be required and any previous treatment will need to be discussed prior to treatment, or a summary of treatment supplied before appointment.


Myotherapy is a therapy that is unique in its approach to your body, my treatment of your body can have profound effects that may last any amount of time, depending on your presenting conditions most treatments will leave you wanting more.

When you book in for Myotherapy, my techniques are developed based on a combination of many different traditions; the research of Ida Rolf – Rolfing, Myofascial Release, Huna and a high degree of technical fascial information, when you book in for Myotherapy my approach is more looking at the fascial trains that run in the body. Depending on the tension in your fascia, heat may be used as part of your treatment

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is often referred to as the clinical massage, a treatment will usually try to aim at restoring function to muscles and soft body tissue it can be essential at lessening recovery time between training, preparation for sport prior to activity, soreness after activity, reducing pain or swelling from injury, increasing blood flow to injured body parts, decreasing swelling from chronic conditions and increasing overall well-being.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the smooth and flowing massage comprised of effluage, petrissage, kneading, plucking, rubbing, stroking, compression and friction. Generally used for relaxation and well-being the effects of Swedish massage on the body has profound effects on your physical body, it has also been linked to the emotional well-being of your thoughts and emotions as well.