kinesiology health and wellness explained Sydney


what treatment to choose?

Kinesiology asks your body what it wants or needs rather than the practitioner telling your body what it needs.

No matter how much you read about kinesiology, nothing will prepare you for the results you will get from actually having a session.

Kinesiology allows me to achieve the best results with you because I am actually asking your body what it needs to heal. Kinesiology includes the largest range of holistic modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupressure, Nutrition, Homeopathy and Psychology just to name a few.

whether you come for the sake of curiosity, a tune up or for an longer session you will have started on a journey you will cherish forever.


Kinesiology initial consultation

Your initial kinesiology consultation will target a single issue that you wish to overcome in your life.

… working with you and your body on one issue and aim at helping you to make a shift.

For Major Issues that have been affecting you for any period longer than a year or that is impacting a large part of your life.

  • You get a targeted response to clear the issue.
  • Be on track to get what you want to achieve by the end of the session.
  • I work with you till you get your outcome.
  • Generally you achieve what you want within the session some clients will notice the shift occurs after the session ends.
  • My ability to help you shift and the manner and techniques I apply will support you through your period of change
N.B. as it is up to the timing and ability of the body to accept any change and my experience, care and skill is applied to help create change how you would like it, no warranties are given that the change will be what you expected. Also please note that if a shift is achieved that sometimes an uncomfortable period of readjustment may need to be taken into account as the body may have accommodated for stress that has been there / building over a long period. And this is sometimes a good thing that the change has occurred rather than not.

In a circumstance that an issue reappears sometimes you may feel you are not able to deal with what has caused it, or that perhaps the issue is a result of a new stress or stimulus.

If you have worked on an issue that has reappeared, you may make a follow up appointment to address a past issue. Half day appointments are available for issues that have affected you previously and you feel you need help overcoming.
  • You have an experienced kinesiology practitioner in Sydney – Andrew to support you through the issue.
  • You know you have worked through the issue before and know you can do it again.
  • You get help understanding what your body is trying to tell you.
  • You get help to target the pattern of the new stress.
  • Help is there to narrow down the new stress or pattern.
  • A targeted response helps me to reduce the impact on my life.