kinesiology health and wellness explained Sydney

welcome to kinesiology

You may have heard of kinesiology and have some unanswered questions, many of my clients do before their first Kinesiology consultation. You know that something needs to change…

It may come as a surprise to learn however, that you already have the answers…

Your body knows precisely what has led to your condition, when it started and exactly what it needs to return to a balanced state of well-being.

  • Are you ready to explore what is blocking your body’s natural healing process and learn more about your health and well-being?

  • Would you like to understand why you are experiencing emotional or physical pain and how you can break free of it?

  • Are you ready to leave stress, depression, anxiety, fear or past trauma behind?

  • Would you like to regain your confidence, reassert your self-esteem, see the good in things or feel the joy of life once again?

  • Are you trying to stop feeling anxious or overwhelmed about life?

  • Perhaps you would like clarity around a certain issue and to feel more centered and in control of your life?

Andrew uses a unique form of complementary medicine called Holistic Kinesiology together with counselling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, dietary and lifestyle advice. He applies his knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and western health science to get to the heart of what is troubling you and to help empower you to restore your health and balance.

Sounds good? Call me to book me in for kinesiology now.